About Us

We Total Interior Aim to Comprehend the Allure and beauty of each home or commercial space and develop it into a complimentary interior aesthetic! We focus on the physical effect of being in a room, incorporating tactile materials which exude quality through the way they look as well as the way they feel. Our spaces are uncluttered without feeling sparse, fusing traditional and reform styles. We aim to merge each client’s needs and their specific project’s requirements into a form which Imbues elegance and Good Taste!

Over the Last Years Total Interior has Grown and Matured more than could have been Anticipated, and has Acquired new Members, Bringing with them a well Stocked Artillery of Interior Design and fine art Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience as well as Symbiotic Design Ideas.

Our Vision

With all the Experience We Have, Offer a better and a comforting lifestyle to the people so that their life germinates in a pleasing environment, Which is more enjoyable so as to enhance Productivity of every Individual.


We Create Interiors, Which are Contemporary, Functional and Timeless, Which Enhances the Value of Your Home or Commercial Property. Modern or Classic, We Design Spaces Conducive to Work, Rest or Play.