Access Flooring

Access floors were designed specifically for data center, False, service room and computer

Access floors equally distribute heavy loads

Access floors manage the “spaghetti” of wires around computer

Equipment and offer a safe environment for personnel (prevents tripping)

Access floors manage airflow to sensitive equipment

Access floors provide grounding

Access floors provide the needed flexibility for even-changing

Hi-tech rooms

Easily cut-in service outlets

Computer Room

If you have heavy loads, you will definitely want to consider an all-steel, concrete-filled floor. These floors offer excellent protection for rolling loads as well as for stationery equipment. Another important consideration is the understructure. We have found that, in the case of heavy loads, bolting the grid creates a much safer environment. Bolting the stringers to the pedestal creates a grid remains rigid even when floor titles are removed.

Control Room

Years ago, when plants were operated by switches and hydraulics the Control Room was a very low-tech environment.

Once the equipment became more advances (processor-driven), the control room environment changed drastically. Out went the valves, gauges and levers, and in came the monitors, keywords and processors. With this new technology came the need to keep the environment cleaner and more stable.

Access floors have become an industry standard in application in control room environments where the need to manage wiring and static is critical. Raised floors offer flexibility in this environment, creating the most efficient control rooms to manage control operations.